" Where's Gossamer?"
Bobcats on Three!

Andrew is a friend of Gossamer and is one of the team members of their water polo team, Bobcats. He attends middle school with his friends Maya, Gossamer, Emily, Winnie and Cassidy.


Andrew first appeared in Monster Talent, where he was one of the children to pick on Gossamer. Later, he sat next to Witch Lezah, while watching Gossamer sing at the talent show. He was also one of victims of the scorpion set loose, by Daffy. Next, Andrew appeared in the episode, Bobcats on Three!, where he, Gossamer, Emily, and Maya try and get Daffy to be the coach of their water polo team. Also, he appeared in Gossamer is Awesomer, where he was playing at recess. He made his final appearance in Mr. Weiner, where he received an autograph from Crusher.



  • Andrew's designs in Monster Talent differ in many ways from all his other appearances.
    • This might be due to the fact that Monster Talent is his only appearance in Season 1.