" Maybe I should've just eaten 'em."
Ridiculous Journey

Beaky Buzzard is a helper buzzard who first appeared in the episode, Ridiculous Journey.


Beaky Buzzard first appeared as a rescue ranger who had helped SylvesterTweety, and Taz out of the desert and brought them on a hot air balloon. When Sylvester asks how he sustains himself, he admits he sometimes doesn't make it in time. Later, when he is caught he proclaims that he proabably should've just eaten them.



  • "I'm a rescue buzzard" [Ridiculous Journey]
  • "I'm not here to eat you, I'm here to help you! [Ridiculous Journey]
  • "I'll have you home in no time." [Ridiculous Journey]
  • "Beaky Buzzard to the rescue!" [Ridiculous Journey]
  • "Maybe, I should have just eaten them." [Ridiculous Journey]

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