Charlie Dog is a brown dog who appears in The Looney Tunes Show.


Charlie made his official debut in season two, in the episode Father Figures, where he is seen to be living at a pet store. That is, until Henery Hawk tries to eat him and sends Charlie running for his life. He was also commonly featured in the classic Looney Tunes shorts, where his barking kept scaring Claude Cat.

Charlie returns and makes a cameo in merrie melody: Long-Eared Drifter in the episode: Best Friends Redux. He can be seen lying in the front of saloon looking at Bugs Bunny.

Charlie actually made a cameo in season one, in the episode Sunday Night Slice, he can be seen outside Girardi's waiting in a long line to eat there. It's possible that at that time he still had an owner then, before he was sent to the pet store.