Daffy's Ducks (without Porky).

ucStar-orange48 Daffy's Ducks is the name of Daffy's bowling team in the episode To Bowl or Not to Bowl.


Porky's Injury

Porky got injured and Bugs took over...


The Lucky Strikers challenged Daffy's Ducks to a game...

Final Game

Daffy Duck had two chances to win the game for Daffy's Ducks, but he missed twice...

Season 2 

Team is Back

Daffy's Ducks is back to bowling... 


The Sharks Pins challenged Daffy's Ducks is back to a game... 

Final Game

Bugs Bunny had two chances win the game for Daffy's Ducks, Terry Delgado and Kevin the Shark is Defeated and Daffy's Ducks is win the tournament... 

Team Members

Daffy's Ducks members include Daffy Duck (team leader), Porky Pig, Pete Puma, Marvin the Martian (teamates) and Bugs Bunny (Porky's substitute). The team except Bugs (who never goes to high school) are all friends from N.W. South High School and bowl at Bowl 'n Fun. They are fierce rivals of the Lucky Strikers, led by Terry Delgado. They are mainly rivals because of Terry's rudeness and Carl's amazing strikes.

Team Nicknames

Lucky Strikers 1st in Season 1 and 3rd in Season 2
Daffy's Ducks 2nd in Season 1 and 1st in Season 2
Granny's Team 3rd in Season 1
The Shark Pins 2nd in Season 2
Rocky's Gangsters 4th in Season 2

Average Scores

These are the Ducks' average scores from best to worst.

Bugs Bunny Strike
Daffy Duck 4-5 in Season 1 and Strike in Season 2
Marvin the Martian 1-2
Pete Puma 0-1
Porky Pig 0-1