Daffy's Legacy is a Merrie Melodies from The Grand Old Duck of York. Daffy sings to Bugs about what he wants Bugs to do for his memorial, the day he dies.


Bugs: Eeh! You scared me to death.
Daffy: That's precisely what I wanted to talk to you about. Choking on that pizza has really made me think about things, specifically the arrangements in the the event of my...passing.
Bugs: What?!
Lay me to rest inside a Corvette
With a trunk full of yogurt for the afterlife.
Pull the Corvette with a team of Clydesdales.
Make sure that Tina is there by my side.
Bugs: What if she's not dead?
Daffy: Just make it work.
For my eulogy get Neil Diamond to sing.
And use lots of quotes from "Lord of the Rings".
In lieu of flowers buy some raw meat.
Then pay some pirates to dance in the street.
Bugs: What?!
And the party will rage for 900 days
With bonfires and swearing and random gun play.
And plaster the town with photos of me.
This is my decree. It's my legacy.
Cryogenically freeze my brain
So the scientists can tinker.
Think of the knowledge that they'd retain
From one of the world's great thinkers.
It's a trifecta can't you see.
It's me, da Vinci, and Socrates.
Bugs: Are we still talking about your memorial?
Daffy: Yup.
All the kids must attend
Daffy Duck High
And train as brick masons
And twirlers and spies.
Though some should be ninjas
That do awesome stunts.
They'd all wear black robes
With my face on the front.
The 50 yard line at the Rose Bowl works great
For my huge marble statue with a big gold name plate.
Or under the Sphinx or a pyramid
But right at the top just open the lid.
And the party will rage for 900 days
With bonfires and swearing and random gun play.
And plaster the town with photos of me.
This is my decree! It's my legacy.
This is my decree! It's my legacy.
Daffy: So, what do you say?

Bugs: Why wait? (about to choke him)

Daffy: What are you doing? Not now. The future. Way off in the future.


  • This is the first Merrie Melodies to actually be based off of the episode that it's in. Daffy sings the song because he was thinking about dying after choking on a slice of pizza, earlier in the episode.
  • The cryogenic preservation of Daffy's brain is a reference to Duck Dodgers who was cryogenically preserved until the 24 and 1/2th century.


Looney Tunes Merrie Melodies Daffy's Legacy03:01

Looney Tunes Merrie Melodies Daffy's Legacy


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