" Braniac over there thought he was doing me a favor by dumping out my old recliner and getting this...this nogahide nightmare!"
Daffy complaining that nothing can replace his recliner.

Daffy's Recliner is Daffy's blue recliner in Bugs' House, that is run-down and broken.


The recliner's first appearance was in Fish and Visitors. Yosemite Sam sat on it, when he was chatting with a Russian telephone company representative.

In Devil Dog, the recliner was partly destroyed by Taz.

One of the recliner's appearances was in Bobcats on Three!, where Daffy was sitting on it while doing his "exercises".

The recliner's first major appearance was in The Shell Game. It was revealed that Daffy worked all Summer purchase it, at That-A-Burger. Later, Bugs sold it and got a leather recliner, since it was broken, much to Daffy's disappointment. When the two returned to the thrift store to buy it back it had already been bought by another customer. Daffy and Lola went to Home Warehouse in an attempt to get another good recliner, but were unsuccessful. Later, Bugs and Porky used it to trick Cecil Turtle into being catapulted into his wall, breaking his shell.