" But that's my actual name! Won't that be confusing?"
Bobcats on Three!

Emily is a middle schooler, and a player on the Bobcats Water Polo Team. She is friends with Gossamer, Andrew and Maya.


In Bobcats on Three!, Emily appeared with Gossamer, Maya and Andrew and convinced Daffy to be their water polo coach. A day later, Daffy said he would never be able to remember her name, along with her other three water polo teammates. He decided to call her Jennifer 3, and call Gossamer "Emily." Emily tried to say that it was confusing, but Daffy ignored her. Later, he changed her nickname to "Freckles." A few miserable games later, she suggest that Gossamer should be the goalie, and her idea works. She makes a minor appearance in the Merrie Melody Christmas Rules, where she was seen swing with the other kids. In Gossamer is Awesomer she is seen playing at recess.


  • Daffy Duck has called her three different names: Jennifer 4, Jennifer 3 and Freckles.
  • She was the only player of the team that didn't appear in Monster Talent, in a different design.

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