" Forget about positive and upbeat. Right now I need rude and mean-spirited. You were right, I had no idea how hard it was dealing with these people!"
Customer Service

Giovanni Jones is the head manager and Tina's boss at Copy Place. He first appeared in Customer Service. His name is not mentioned in the episode, but he is the same character as the Giovanni Jones who appears as a famous opera singer in the 1949 original short Long Haired-hare, but his identity is made apparent by his ridiculous comb over haircut.


Giovanni was first mentioned in Beauty School and You've Got Hate Mail, when Tina mentions she hates her boss, and writes a hate-filled e-mail to him but doesn't send it, to release anger.

A few episodes later, Giovanni made his devut appearance (Customer Service), by temporarily suspending Tina after she explodes on a particularly rude customer. However, he later reinstates her because he himself could not cope with the foolishness that came with working Tina's desk and admits that he had no idea what it's like dealing with those people.

He makes his last appearance in Christmas Rules. Giovanni makes a cameo, while giving Tina a giant pile of paper for her to fill out.

Physical Appearance

Giovanni is a very tall yet round man with shoulder high blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big nose. He wears a blue uniform and speaks with a slight lisp. His voice is meek and quiet, unlike his classic-era portrayal, which was loud and bumptious.


Season Two


Giovanni tends to be a very nice boss, though does take responsibility when needed, such as having to suspend Tina.