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Go Fly a Coyote is the name of a CGI Road Runner and Coyote short from the episode, Sunday Night Slice.


Wile E. uses a skateboard, six cans of Instant Wind, and a kite in order to chase the Road Runner at a very high velocity. The start shows Coyote. He puts the kite on the top of the cactus and goes to the rock as a long string kite he puts on a pair Goggles with the helmet puts on a belt with 6 can line holders and holds a can which reads "ACME Instant Wind" and Holsters all 5 wind cans. He chases the roadrunner but get his head trapped in the bottom of a rock, falls on the road gets 1 can to get away. as Coyote continues on then Roadrunner sees a warning which says "WARNING Do Not Shake" warning the user not to shake the can, Coyote bumps on rocks and the railroad tracks, shaking the cans. Seeing this, a tornado starts and Coyote gets caught in it and is clobbered by a rock, a cactus, a spiked fence and a dynamite shack. The ending result is Coyote being the kite that Road Runner gets to fly.


  • This the second CGI short to have the word "Coyote" in its title.
  • The dynamite shack in the tornado might of been a reference to the Wizard of Oz.
  • When the Road-Runner read the warning on the cans, it was ironic because in the original Looney Tunes, the Road-Runner states that he can't read, but in this short, apparently, he can read.
  • The Road Runner didn't say "Meep Meep" in this short, but he is shown once to jump in the air as if he is "meeping".


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