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" I should warn you, my hair is very brittle."
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Emma "Granny" Webster is sweet and kindly old lady with a spunky personality. She lives across the street from Bugs and Daffy with her pets, Sylvester and Tweety.


In Monster Talent, Granny made her first appearance, but it was a non-speaking role. Her role was playing the piano for the talent show contestants.

In Reunion, Granny appeared when Daffy was shouting in the street, but had no lines.

In Devil Dog, Bugs and Daffy go to her house and question her about Taz, and if he belongs to her, however, she has difficulties understanding what they are saying, due to her hearing.

She also appears in Eligible Bachelors where she bids on Daffy Duck and tells him to clean the attic while telling him about how she was a very beautiful spy for the Allies in World War II and her first meeting with Tweety. At the end of the episode she admits she bid on Daffy for a person to talk to also. She is also shown to own the real Eiffel Tower in her yard which surprisingly no one notices.


Granny at Bugs' yard sale.

Granny appears in Peel of Fortune at Bugs' yard sale. Granny asks if Bugs had an automatic carrot peeler.

In Double Date, she appears singing in the Merrie Melodie, Be Polite and getting helped across the street by Mac and Tosh. In the middle of the street, Mac finds a massage chair and they both massage Grany's feet. She is later seen walking next to a man when Marvin sings.

Granny makes a brief and non-speaking (she laughs, but nothing more) appearance in To Bowl or Not To Bowl. She has her own bowling team and at the end makes a strike.

She reappears in Newspaper Thief where she goes to Bugs' dinner party. Daffy suspects that she took his paper.Then at the end of the episode when everyone is yelling at Daffy she states that she likes Daffy due to him being exciting. After the end credits she takes Porky's place asking 'Is this the bathroom?' and Daffy saying "No! Go home!"

Granny also appears in Sunday Night Slice, where she asks for a napkin, and says that the pizza is awful.


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  • Granny's real name is Emma Webster. In the original Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons, she was not known to have Emma as her first name, until the 1953 short "Hare Trimmed".
  • Granny is voiced by June Foray, the same person who voiced her in the original shorts from the 1950's to the 1960's. This makes Granny the only character to have the same voice actor for the original shorts and The Looney Tunes Show, as June Foray and Stan Freberg were the only two original voice-actors still alive at the time of production.
  • Granny is revealed to be 90 years old and was once a spy in World War II including how she have met Tweety in Eligible Bachelors.


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