" Okay, but I'm not burying 'em this time."
Ridiculous Journey

Henry Bear (also known as Papa Bear) is the father of Junior Bear and the husband of Mama Bear.


He is shown to be grumpy, rough and deep voiced.


He first appears in the episode, Ridiculous Journey, trying to fix the car so he and his family can go on a road trip. Junior keeps messing things up so he tells him to get some souvenirs. Junior later brings back SylvesterTweety, and Taz and they head on to the desert. They later stop at Drillco because Junior thinks he has had an accident leaving the three pets to escape.



  • Henry appears at the end of the opening sequence.
  • Henry is grumpy because of his glum wife, and annoying child.
  • He revealed that all of Junior's pets had died, by saying, "I'm not burying 'em THIS time."
  • He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche who also does the voice for Yosemite Sam.