" You know what's great with hot coffee? (...) Coffee KICK!"
French Fries

Leslie Hunt is a retired actor, formerly the star of the 70's TV series, Off Duty Cop.


He was seen signing some autographs from fans until Daffy came and asked him if he was really Steve St. James. He answers yes and explains that he is just the actor playing the role of Steve. Daffy isn't convinced that he "is" the Steve St. James he is looking for. Leslie, annoyed, leaves his signature jacket and glasses and walks away to get a cup of coffee. Daffy then gets his jacket and goes vigilante, handcuffing innocent civilians along with Porky Pig, his chauffeur. In the end, Daffy is arrested for impersonating a cop and handcuffing people all over town. When handcuffed, Daffy claims "What about him, he's impersonating a chauffeur!" FBI Lead Agent then says "That's not illegal. It's pathetic, but not illegal."


Season One

Season Two


  • In his theme song, he handcuffs everyone he meets.
  • He drinks coffee, revealed in "Off Duty Cop."
  • He was the second non-Looney Tunes character to appear in the outro.