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  • Hey, I've been looking at the character pages and their occupations are not showing up on the infobox. I didn't think it matters but does it need to be written like "| occupation" instead of "|occupation"? Thank you

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  • I have the full episodes of Wabbit 27-52 on my Google Drive. I think I'm going to start ripping images off them and adding new pages to the wabbit wiki.

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    • Webkinz Mania wrote: No, it's fine! I'm just saying that if you are using a Mac, you should have no problem recreating the same resolution (1980x1080). The images there have the black borders, which is unnecessary. You can reupload them over, but I'd prefer it without the black borders and at the 1980x1080 resolution to stay consistent.

      Only got windows.

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    • Yeah, that's trickier.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Webkinz

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  • Hey WM, For the past few months none of the comments users have made on pages have been about how to improve the pages, but write unessecarry things (literally three/fifths of the comments in the last few months contain questions like "Do Bugs and Lola get married".) Do you think the comment sections should be replaced with talk pages instead? Thank you. -Tyler

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  • Hi WM. For some reason, part of my profile is in very tiny writing, and a person must zoom in to see it. Do you know what might have caused it? Thank you, -Tyler :)

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  • Instead of a blog post, why not add a page for the policies?

    We have rules here. Follow them if you want to remain an editor. We hardly give out indefinite blocks, mostly for things related to other users. Most of these policies are enforced all across Wikia, and not just on this wiki.

    If you wanna do these things consider getting blocked. Repeated violations will lead to longer blocks, but not indefinitely.

    Rule #1 No Spamming or Vandalism

    Spamming or vandalism is the use of typing random words or editing an article to make it negative connotation, also could be to blanking a page. Vandalism is also removing constructive edits.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month every time

    Rule #2 No Porn

    While Tumblr, XTUBE and PornHub are great sites for porn, this isn't the site for porn, sorry, there may be kids on here.

    Punishment:1-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month every time

    Rule #3 No Fighting

    Don't argue with other users about stuff. Find a way to quietly settle among yourselves. It isn't cool, it's lame and stupid.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month every time

    Rule #4 No Irrelevant Stuff

    No creating your own pages about yourself or your friend, stuff like that. Don't upload pictures about that stuff either. No fan art. Only this wiki related stuff. However, for your user page, pictures and fan art are okay, but no PORN on your user page.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month every time

    Rule #5 Sockpuppetry

    Socks are allowed, but if they are used for stupid purposes, they will be blocked. They are most likely used to evade a block. However, if your accounts aren't blocked, they are okay.

    Punishment:If found, 1 year to indefinite block on your bad sock, extended block on your main. Continuing to make socks during your block will most likely after like 3 times, result in a 1 year to indefinite block on your main. We know it's you because we can see your IP address, even though you are logged in.

    Rule #6 No Bullying Other Users

    This is probably the most unforgiveable offense out of all, don't do it. It's just stupid.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month, third time, indefinite

    Rule #7 Respect Privacy of Others

    Don't ask for someone's address, bank account number, social security number or password. Violation of this rule will lead to consequences. If you see this, report it right away, and you will be thanked and rewarded, maybe. You get the reward of a safe wiki, LOL. If the person tells their personal privacy, their message WILL be deleted.

    Also, do not answer to the person. Repeated replies about this can lead to consequences.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month, third time, indefinite

    Rule #8 Age Requirement

    Wikia's policy requires you be age 13 and up. We do not care, but if Wikia finds out, they will most likely have to drop you until 13, sorry.

    Punishment:None, but if Wikia finds out, and they drop you, you will be blocked until 13, sorry.

    Rule #9 Plagiarism

    Allowed, but credit the source.

    Punishment:3-strike, if not credit source, 1-week block every time

    Rule #10 Profanity

    Due to the kids viewing these sites, sorry, but we forbid the saying of fuck, shit, bitch, cunt, faggot, cock, bastard, tits, boobjob, dick, or pussy, or any related sex word. Hell, ass, damn, fudge, shoot, gay (to describe happiness), crap, retard (if not to someone else on the wiki), are okay. You may not censor these words.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 day block, after that, 1 week every time

    Rule #11 No Impersonating

    Impersonating is pretending to be someone else when you clearly aren't. Don't do this, be yourself, you don't need to be someone else to be awesome and unique.

    Punishment:If found, indefinite block on the impersonated account, and if you want to edit again, you will have to create a new account.

    Rule #12 Usernames

    Do not create stupid user names, like "My Big Dick" or "Fuck you all".

    Punishment:If found, indefinite block on the blocked account, and if you want to edit again, you will have to create a new account.

    Rule #13 No editing other user pages without a reason

    If you want to edit someone else's user page, please provide a summary. Failure to do so could lead to consequences.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month every time

    Rule #14 No removing warnings

    Archiving warnings are okay, but removing will lead to consequences. Removing messages is okay, if they are not needed.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, additional 1 month every time, with the removal of talk page access for a week.

    Rule #15 No Trolling

    Trolling is vandalism or spam meant for amusement or entertainment. If you want to troll, go troll on Trollers will be blocked by an administrator.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month every time

    Rule #16 Respect Others Opinions

    Your opinion on who's the next president may not be the same as someone else's. Don't force it on to them.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 week block, after that, 1 month every time

    Rule #17 Chat

    The chat may be used to discuss anything. Even off topic stuff. You may use the allowed words or profanity, if not used directly at a user. However, you may not disrespect others on the chat, provide links, or spam.

    The chat is hardly used though.

    Punishment:2-strike kicked out of the chat, after that, banned from the chat for a week

    Rule #18 No Threats

    You may not say "I'm gonna find you and burn your house." or "I'm gonna steal from you and kill you.". Threats are bad and just don't do it.

    Punishment:2-strike 1 month block every time

    Rule #19 Advertising

    Advertising is okay, but you should not put it on someone's message wall. Only on the chat and the fourm off-topic discussions.

    Punishment:3-strike 1 week block every time

    Rule #20 Edit War

    Edit war will result in the Admin protecting the page so neither user can edit.

    Punishment:None the first time, but if persistent violator, 1 week block, every time

    Rule #21 Privacy Policy

    User information is stored on servers in the United States. The only information that you need give is a username and password. The username does not need to be your real name. Therefore, any personal information you choose to give is not compulsory. No personal information should be given on the wiki by persons aged less than 13 years.

    All details submitted in your Wikia request may be made public. The email address you provide in your request will be publicly viewable on the information page about your wiki's mailing list. You may change this email in your user preferences, after your request.

    If you choose to enter a real name in your preferences, this will be publicly available. However, this field is optional, and there is no requirement for any user to give a real name. Users under 13 should not give their real name.

    Information from our server logs may be stored and used to gather aggregate data about users, and used to determine whether the identity of one or more users is the same in cases of abuse. This data includes your IP address and details about your browser.

    Your browser must permit cookies to be set (by * in order for you to log in to Wikia. If you do not make an account on any wiki, there is no necessity to accept cookie requests from this site.

    Edits by users who are not logged in will show the user's IP address in the page history of the article they edited, and also in other places on the site, including watchlists and recent changes, and in any external feeds made of such pages.

    Do not give your personal information out on your user page, such as address, school, bank account #, passwords. If you do there could be consequences.

    Punishment:Deletion of your user page, forced to create a new one.

    Blocking Policy

    If you were blocked, you were blocked for a reason. We don't give blocks without warning. Usually to prevent unauthorized sockpuppeting, we usually disable IP addresses unless you were blocked for a name reason, cause we can't change your name, nor can we delete accounts.


    You may ask someone to repeal your block. If they say no, then your block will continue. However, if you continue asking and we say NO, your block will continue. If your message wall is blocked, contact the admin on another wiki he/she is active in.

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  • Good afternoon WB! I just wanted to remind you that my promotion is today. Thank you, -Tyler

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi WM! I've been on here everyday lately, and I have 300 edits. Recently, you stated that if I contribute often, then I maybe can earn a position on the staff. In the future, if I get on the staff, what is the smallest staff position that you can be? Thanks, -Tyler Crusher

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  • Why does it say, you are currently inactive, when you edit every day?

    Also, do you edit the Looney Tunes Wiki?

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  • Hi Webkinz Mania! I see that other than us two, nobody ever really posts much. I was wondering if there are any staff positions open! I watch the show everyday, and think I could be a good janitor or moderator. Thank you, and please let me know soon! -Tyler Crusher

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