The Looney Tunes Show - Moostache01:51

The Looney Tunes Show - Moostache

Moostache is a Merrie Melodies sung by Yosemite Sam's mustache telling him not to shave it. It appeared in the episode, "Itsy Bitsy Gopher".


Mustache: Standin' there with a blade in your hand
Yosemite Sam, don't you understand?
I'm your moostache.
Don't shave your moostache.
Been with you since the day you were born.
All that time, I've never been shorn.
What would you do without your flavor saver?
Puttin' aside those crumbs for later?
Very first time that you kissed a girl
I tickled her nose and I rocked her world
Stuck with you through thick and thin
Shavin' me off would be a sin
Chorus: Moostache
Mustache: Your face is my home
Chorus: Moostache
Mustache: I got my own comb.
Chorus: Chorus.
Mustache: Without me, you would be so alone.
Do you remember that time we got caught up in the snowstorm?
I was right there for you, my friend
Keepin' your top lip so warm
I keep tears off of your mouth
Bugs from flyin' up your nose
When you got punched in the mouth
I was cushioning the floor
Put that blade back on the shelf
You know I love you more than anyone else
If you feel some hair just has to go
Weed-wack some of that back hair, bro
Chorus: Moostache
Mustache: I'm your best friend
Chorus: Moostache
Mustache: Until the end
Chorus: Moostache


  • This is the fourth song in the series in which the singer isn't a character in the show The first three were "Yellow Bird," "Tasmanian Meltdown," and "The Wizard."
  • This Merrie Melody shows Yosemite Sam naked, which happens to be the second time he's been shown naked on the show. The first being in "Off Duty Cop".
  • The mustache claims it has "never been shorn", but Sam did trim it in "You've Got Hate Mail".
  • This marked the first appearance of Tweety in season two.

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