Parade Float The Looney Tunes Show Cartoon Network02:11

Parade Float The Looney Tunes Show Cartoon Network

Parade Float is one of the two Merrie Melodies from the episode, Gribbler's Quest along with I Love To Sing-A. As the title suggests, it focuses on Daffy's beloved parade float.


He's marchin' on the freeway so get out of his way.
Cause he's rollin' in a monster made of papier mache.
Why stay in one lane when he can take 'em all?
He drives a diesel-burning dump-truck that's eighteen feet tall.

Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: The AC blows hot.
Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: The transmission is shot.
Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: It's so fun to drive.
Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: It won't go over twenty-five.

Daffy: Awoooooooooooooooooooo! Parade... Float! Did somebody order a bass solo? Wait. Wait. Closer. Almost. There it is. Hoho there it is.

It's too slow to pull over and it's too big to steal.
You'll never tip it over; it's got two feet and four wheels.
It gets one mile to the gallon and it tends to catch on fire.
And the only way to start it is with a pair of pliers.

Daffy: You know environmentalists say, "Your car is too big." But I say, "Your planet's too small!"

Harnell: He still celebrates and decorates its super great, har-me-onate ...
Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: It hits curbs a bunch.
Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: It eats hybrids for lunch.
Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: Just don't try to pass.
Chorus: Parade Float!
Harnell: Or he'll flatten your car.

Daffy: Awoooooooooooooooooooo! Parade Float! Suckers!


  • Daffy's parade float being able to fly is a reference to E. T the Extra-Terrestial.
  • This episode references Elmer Fudd's love for grilled cheese (as seen in another Merrie Melodies short) from Best Friends.
  • This episode also references how Daffy's Parade Float is turned on by using pliers from We're In Big Truffle.
  • The part where Daffy keeps messing up on his bass solo is a reference to the episode, That's My Baby.


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