" That pig is driving me crazy!"
Rebel Without a Glove

Professor Johnson is the former college teacher of Porky Pig, and many other students.


His first and only appearance was in Rebel Without a Glove, where he is seen to be Porky's college professor. The professor was seen by Porky at Books & News, much to his despair. Later, Porky brings him a gigantic cake representing the executive branch. Professor Johnson glumly accepts it. When he sees Daffy, he runs over claims to be driven crazy by Porky's enthusiasm. Paranoid, he gives the job to Daffy Duck who recently had changed his name to "Professor Duck", causing him to believe that Daffy could handle it.


Season Two


  • He thought Daffy was an actual Professor, when Daffy changed his name to "Professor Duck."
  • Professor Johnson's least favorite student is Porky Pig.