" Remember the time we were at the beach, trying to act all cool, and that big wave knocked over?!"
Best Friends Redux

Rodney Rabbit is Bugs Bunny's childhood best friend. They met at Camp Winninaki. He is a little nerdy, but friendly and upbeat.


Rodney Rabbit appears Best Friends Redux, after leaving a message on Bugs and Daffy's new answering machine about they should hang out some time. Daffy gets paranoid that they were best friends at one time. Daffy, Bugs, Rodney, and Porky were having lunch at Pizzariba and Rodney and Bugs were laughing about all their memories. Daffy made a sarcastic comment that made it awkward for a moment. Daffy spilled his pop on Porky so they could talk in the bathroom, about his jealousy of Rodney. At Bugs's house Rodney made a joke and Bugs and him laughed and Rodney told Daffy it's an inside joke. Bugs asked Daffy to pick up the phone and Daffy laughed and lied that it was an inside joke. Daffy went outside to "pick up the mail" while he hopped into Porky's car and Daffy created a plan where Bugs would ask him to go to the movies and ask if he'd like to come and Daffy would deny it by saying he's going with his best friend Porky. However Bugs asked and drove off with Rodney happily. Daffy went to Witch Lezah to ask her to use her time vortex which was not in her closet but garage. Witch Lezah left and Daffy smashed the garage window. Daffy wound up at the summer camp where little Bugs got off the bus. Daffy dressed up as the camp instructor and told little Rodney their booked. the bus took him off. Daffy appearaed back in present time without Rodney but Bugs, Granny, and Yosemite Sam didn't recogize him. Witch Lezah returned and took him back in time remembering him because she's a witch Daffy had to go back to the camp and told Rodney they had extra room even though Rodney didn't want to go. Daffy convinced him and Porky, Bugs, and Rodney made friends. Daffy returned once again in present time with little Porky which he left behind, and Rodney realized Daffy reminded him of their camp instructor. Bugs who wasn't where Rodney was denied it.


Rodney is very tall with light brown fur with big black circular glasses, a pink nose, and a skinny body.