Sit Down is a Merrie Melodies sung by Pete Puma. The song does not appear in any episode of The Looney Tunes Show.


Everybody's so busy, running around
Don't you ever feel like you wanna sit down
Sit down!
Slap your buns on the ground
Why you always gotta be walking around
Sit down, sit down, sit down!

I've got a great big couch
And chairs of all kinds
Come by my place
We can unwind
We can sit on a bike
Or run through a tree
I'll quiet your buns with my upholstery
Sit down!
Slap your buns on the ground
No butts getting tired of getting carried around
Everybody drinking coffee and getting all wild
I'm trying to keep up but my feet get so tired
Sit down!

See that's better, now we're, sitting together
Don't need to stay and sit on my beger
Have you met my cousin Stan
He's telling you to
Sit down!

Yeah, just like that
Pop your buns on a sofa or a yoga mat
Stretch out your legs and let your buns fall
Do it by yourself or a crowd of mall
When your sitting at the park with your favorite crush
Give that bench a double bun mesh
Standing in line is just not fair
That's why I always bring a bean bag chair

Put your bottoms on the ground
Put your tushie on the cushie, put your rump on the stump, uh
Put your bottoms on the ground
Put your heinie on the pinie, put your rear on the pier
Put your bottoms on the ground
Think your can, down in the za-man
Put your bottoms on and freeze!
Put your buns down slow
Sit down!

Put your buns on the ground
When your buns aren't happy, they start to frown!
That's it for me, I'm outta here
I've got a date with my easy chair, chair, chair.