Spargle is a decaffeinated carbonated-energy drink that causes the drinker to be energized for a short period of time. You will need to drink enormous amounts to keep the effect from disappearing. Upon intake, the drinker develops an addiction to it, constantly wanting for more and will do anything to obtain more. As shown in Off Duty Cop, Bugs, upon drinking it, becomes very energized, does activities that take usually a long time in just a few minutes. (e.g. cooking numerous dishes, decorating the entire house, exercising and writing and publishing a book) When his supply of Spargle is gone, he snaps. Not to mention he punched a hole in a wall with his bare hands. The only known cure to the addiction is to stop drinking it and find a substitute. It is manufactured by Spargle Inc. the turns out to be a scam. It contains dangerous and addictive chemicals and not the spargla berries which they "claimed it has in it". Upon busting it's HQ, FBI stops its production and arrests all of its employees including Yosemite Sam, who in the first place knew about this. Bugs is then sent to a recovery process.

Known Workers

  • Yosemite Sam (sales representative)
  • Unnamed Receptionist
  • Hundreds of other employees

Victimized Citizens