The Foghorn Leghorn Story is the 9th episode of The Looney Tunes Show.


Annoyed over Taz's digging, Daffy walks through the city, and sees several roosters in a line; Daffy decides to fall in line as well when one rooster vaguely states he is in line for "a movie." At the front of the line, Daffy then learns about auditions for an upcoming film titled The Foghorn Leghorn Story, for which Foghorn assigns Daffy the lead role despite the duck's initial reluctance, and Carol's warnings. Meanwhile at Bugs and Daffy's house, Bugs and Sam fall into a hole Taz dug, where they find a vase Bugs claims is "interesting". Yosemite then tries to steal it for himself, but he cannot climb out of the hole.

During an interview with Daffy, who claims he is trying to know more about Foghorn, Foghorn tells a tale about a golden Burmese turtle that caused its recipient to literally burst with joy. Ignoring the story, Daffy instead focuses on Foghorn's verbal tic, the duck confident he is ready for filming to begin. Later, having escaped the hole alongside Bugs, Sam storms into the former's house, thinking the rabbit's earlier claim about the vase is a lie. In response, Bugs assures Sam the vase is interesting, hypothesizing that the vase might be valuable, and Sam leaves with the vase, his interest in the vase piqued again.

At a film set, the crew prepare to film the opening scene of the movie; Daffy ruins the scene with his inability to cry despite the scene involving the death of the protagonist's mother. Elsewhere, Sam attempts to buy a clothes dryer with the vase, then storms back into Bugs' house when the purchase fails, even though Bugs never guaranteed the vase is valuable. To find out for sure, Bugs suggests that Sam show the vase to an expert who can ascertain its potential worth.

Back at the film set, the crew prepare for another scene, which Daffy also ruins—he wastes the crew's only take by asking a trivial question when the film calls for the protagonist to be making a getaway. The production crew exit the studio, annoyed at Daffy's incompetence; Daffy seeks to quit as well, but Foghorn refuses to let such happen. Taking one of Foghorn's comments as an insult, Daffy punches the rooster, and a fight ensues.

Bugs and Sam present the vase to Mac and Tosh's antique shop. In response to Sam's question, the gophers estimate the vase's price at one million dollars, then ask who found it. When Sam lies and claims he found it, Bugs punches Sam, whose momentum results in a broken lamp. At the expense of the goods in the shop, a fight between Sam and Bugs erupts. As Foghorn and Daffy continue theirs, Daffy breaks through the window of the antique shop, Foghorn following the duck inside the store. After a resulting quick pause, the two fights resume, tiring all fighters except Bugs.

Ready to call a truce, Foghorn admits Daffy has endurance, and the two approach each other to hug. In the process, Daffy inadvertently knocks over the vase; when it shatters, it reveals a decoration resembling the golden Burmese turtle Foghorn mentioned earlier. An overjoyed Sam snatches the turtle and explodes, much like the character who received the turtle in Foghorn's tale.

At a movie theater, The Foghorn Leghorn Story premieres; in the movie, Daffy, playing both Foghorn and Sam, reenacts the events that occurred in the antique shop. The movie fails, having sold only five tickets, but Foghorn considers the film an accomplishment.


Actor Voice(s)
Jeff Bergman Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn
Rob Paulsen Mac Gopher, Cashier
Jim Cummings Tasmanian Devil
Jess Harnell Tosh Gopher, Stunt Coordinator
Maurice LaMarche Yosemite Sam, Rooster
Grey DeLisle Carol, Miss Prissy/"Mama Foghorn" Additional Voices


  • Yosemite Sam: There's leash laws, ya know.
  • Daffy: Okay, so you say 'I say, I say' a lot.
  • Foghorn Leghorn: I say, I say action!
    Daffy: Boo-hoo-hoo, man! I'm cryin' so hard! I say, I say, look at how hard I cry!
  • Store Clerk: Will that be credit card or check?
    (Sam pulls out the vase)
    Sam: Vase!
  • Sam: Are you tryin' to make me look like a fool?!
    Bugs: You don't need me to make you look like a fool.
    Sam: You're durn right I don't!
  • Foghorn: Are you quitting on me, son?
    Daffy: Everybody else quit, so I quit.
  • Daffy (Acting): I say, I say the Burmese Turtle is mine!
  • Foghorn: (after the end credits) That's I say, That's I say—uhh... What do I say, Carol?
  • (Foghorn intends on assigning Daffy the lead role in The Foghorn Leghorn Story)
    Carol: Mr. Leghorn, I think that would be a huge mistake.
    Foghorn: A huge mistake is wearing that blouse with those shoes, Carol. (Shudders)
    (Silenced, Carol takes her seat)
  • Daffy: Don't you think it's a little weird having a duck play a rooster?
    Foghorn: It's called "acting," son.
    Daffy: Don't you think it's a little weird that I'm not an actor?
    Foghorn: (Laughing) That's a knee-slapper! You're killing me!
  • Daffy: Somebody get me a real actress to work with!
    Foghorn: You heard him—somebody help that woman out of that bed so we can put a real actress in it. (Beat) "Somebody" means you, Carol.
  • Daffy: Let's shoot this, you turkeys!
  • (Mac and Tosh prattle over the high quality of the vase)
    Sam: Get to the point, you darn squirrels!
    Mac: We're gophers.
    Tosh: Indeed.
  • (Sam and Bugs fight)
    Mac: They've broken nearly everything in the store.
    Tosh: Well, look on the bright side—soon, there'll be nothing left to break.
    (The gophers laugh)
  • (After seeing the movie)
    Tosh: (Clapping) Bravo! Bravo!
    Mac: (Also clapping) Oh, I demand a sequel!
    Sam: (Sitting confused) I don't get it.
    Bugs: (Fake clapping) Shut up and clap.


  • This is the first appearance of Mac and Tosh's Local Antique Shop, Antiques.
  • This is the third but second time in a row that didn't feature a Merrie Melodies music video.
  • According to Daffy on The Looney Tunes Show Facebook page, there was a volleyball scene cut from the episode.
  • Due to containing physical confrontations between characters (which is not cartoon violence), this is the first episode to have a "TV-PG-V" rating.
  • Though Bugs punched Sam in the episode, in the old Looney Tunes cartoons Bugs had never punched anyone.
  • In the credits, Miss Prissy is credited as "Mama Leghorn."
  • The only ones to buy a ticket are Mac, Tosh, Bugs, Sam, and Foghorn. Daffy sneaks into the theater to avoid paying for a ticket.
  • Mac and Tosh are the only ones to enjoy the movie. Sam simply states, "I don't get it"; Bugs fake claps, telling Sam to "shut up and clap"; Daffy becomes upset at what little money the movie earned; and Foghorn falls asleep during the movie.
  • This is 1 of 2 episodes where Bugs Bunny goes swimming with a broken ball.


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