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This page is for the movie. You may be looking for the episode about making this movie.

The Foghorn Leghorn Story is a movie based on the life of Foghorn Leghorn. 


The movie's plot focuses around how Foghorn Leghorn becomes a rich enterpuer along with the events that shaped his outcome in life. Another main story plot of the movie is Foghorn's quest to find the buermese turtle. When he finds it Yosemite Sam tries to take it from him but Sam burst with joy so Foghorn got it back.



The movie only sold six tickets in the movie theater (Daffy didn't pay for this though so it's technically only five). While Yosemite Sam didn't get it, the Gophers really seemed to like the movie and tried to explain to Sam what happened.



  • The movie was originally supposed to be a professional movie but Daffy made the entire set quit, so he and Foghorn had to construct by themselves.





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