Hi, I'm Boomba12. I'm new to the wiki. I've noticed that this wiki uses transcripts. There's a few things I'm going to point out, then I or you (but me for sure) could help.

Only 2?

There's only 2 transcripts on the entire wiki. Couldn't there be more? There's 45 episodes, so why not have 45? The only two transcripts are 'Best Friends' and 'The Float'.

Stage Directions

If you aren't an actor (actually, you don't have to be an actor), then you know that what's in the parentheses is what is the character is doing.

Ex.- Daffy: (yelling at TV, guessing answers) Oprah!

The (yelling at TV, guessing answers) indicates that Daffy isn't just saying Oprah, but he's yelling and guessing. These stage directions don't appear at all.


I'm only trying to help; I'm not trying to make fun of the wiki, or point out errors. I just want to help, and make the wiki better.



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