I've heard rumors about more characters being introduced in Season 2:

  • Petunia Pig
  • Papa Bear
  • Hippety Hopper
  • Cecil Turtle
  • Owl Jolson
  • Claude Cat
  • Beaky Buzzard
  • Hubie and Bertie
  • Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot
  • Charlie Dog
  • Sniffles
  • Michigan J. Frog
  • Pinky Pig
  • Sylvester Junior
  • Nasty Canasta
  • Gabby Goat

Whether the rumors are true or not, I have no idea. However, the characters do appear in the opening sequence, so I'm convinced. But several Season 2 episodes have aired, and there were no new characters, unless Road Runner counts (Rebel Without a Glove.) Do you guys know anything? Anything at all?

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