Here are the voice actors on The Looney Tunes Show.

  • Jeff Bergman (Bugs, Daffy, Foghorn, Sylvester, Tweety Bird)
  • Damon Jones (Henery Hawk, Marvin (songs), Foghorn (songs))
  • Jim Cummings (Taz)
  • Frank Welker (The Road Runner)
  • Joe Alaskey (Wile E. Coyote)
  • Daran Norris (Barnyard Dawg)
  • Ben Falcone (Barnyard Dawg (songs))
  • Grey DeLisle (Miss Prissy)
  • Bob Bergen (Porky)
  • Maurice LaMarche (Yosemite Sam)
  • Rene` Auberjonias (Pepe Le Pew)
  • Fred Armisen (Speedy)
  • Mike Smith (Speedy (songs))
  • Eric Bauza (Marvin)
  • Kristen Wiig (Lola)
  • Jennifer Espoito (Tina Russo)
  • Roz Ryan (Lezah)
  • Kwesi Boakye (Gossamer)


Now, here's a list of upcoming characters who are proven to appear via intro

  • Hubie and Bertie
  • Marc Anthony
  • Pussyfoot
  • Owl Jolson
  • Papa Bear
  • Sam Sheepdog
  • Hippety Hopper
  • Cecil Turtle


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