So iv'e been looking at many complaints so far on many characters, and iv'e been hearing many complaints specifically on bugs bunny,but now let me explain something.There has been a lot of variations of the looney tunes show but so far this one has caused the most controversy,and when i say controvorsy i mean many people complaining on changes in the  characters and thus it has created a major division among people.Many say that these new characters aren't funny anymore since they are now domesticated and that the show contains too much dialouge and not enough slapstick.What some people fail to understand is that the original looney tunes didin't actually have that much slapstick to begin with. if you think about it actually had a lot of talking.One example is in the scenes where bugs,daffy and elmer were present technecally they would stand around talking for a long time deciding who the slapstick should happen to and only once in a while did the slap stick actually happen.Also keep in mind that back then the shows were only like 7 minutes long and now there 25 minutes long so everything had to be expanded which means the dialouge was also expanded.The slapstick still happens it just takes longer than before.Another complaint is that bugs isin't that funny and that many characters have been too domesticated.Today the show is more like a sitcom so many complain that its not funny but again what people fail to see is that since this is an animated carton therefore it can go even further with its humor.One of my personal favorites that fits this description is the epiode You've Got Hate Mail in one of the scenes Bugs and Lola have an argument in whether Bugs should be in there family photo which Lola then disagrees after seeing bugs broken tooth.that actually "fits in" well with a normal sitcom but the fact that bugs actually goes far enough to have a car chase,and a car explosion! now thats actually looney.People have to undersatnd that characters have to evolve if the enviornment also changes.Now to the point in bugs bunny.Yes its true that he now acts like the avarage man in life but thats because the show acknowledges peoples weaknesses of modern day and their clever solutions, but having him more delicate and fragile and letting him be able to loose is actually better and different.If he would always win it would actually be very boring and when he actually won it would be more appreciated even in the old looney tunes he had to show some weakness!.Well sorry for my long explination i just had to get it out there.

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