aka you can call me any thing but brush-head and my real name is Matthew

  • I live in LaVergne TN
  • I was born on June 30
  • I am male
  • Marvinmania

    This is a contest for who has the bigger crush on Lola.

    You have until Saturday September 24th to enter the contest

    Here are the different rounds:

    Round 1. Love song (write your own love song or make a parody of a real song)mine will be a parody of Floating With You

    Round 2. Haven't thought of it yet

    Round 3. Haven't thought of it yet

    Round 4. Haven't thought of it yet

    Round 5. Why the 2 of u should be together

    Plz give suggestions for the 1s I haven't thougt of yet.

    Marvinmania (what other reason would I make a contest than to enter it myself)

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