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  • I live in Berkely, California. However, I plan to move to Los Angeles once I graduate.
  • I was born on March 4
  • My occupation is Youtube Gamer, Student
  • I am Male. What else?
  • Nemolee.exe

    Hey... As you know... Pizzarriba (Merrie Melodies) is in The Adventures of Mcdonalds! This is how it goes:

    Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

    Speedy: Come to Speedy's pizza place and put both your feet up bring a hundred friends with you, there's plenty of room I will bring more pizza than your tummy can eat up once you taste my pizza your tastebuds'll go boom! Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

    Commercial attendant: Come to Pizzariba, a soft Mexican pizza legend. Actually the ONLY one. We're the lucky one! Now, Speedy will offer you pizza for just $4.99, only at Mcdonalds, where taste is king!

    Chorus: Pizzarriba! Pizzarriba!

    (Prince turns off TV)

    Done! (As you can see, at the chorus in the end, only One Pizzarriba! comes out. The other one being hidden…

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