Happy Halloween, my fearful contributors!

Lola: You know it's not Halloween right? I mean, come on.

Me: I'm saying it early so I can give more people the chace of commenting.

Lola: could've said something earlier...

Anyways on the Looney Tunes Show Wiki I have a certain style of userpage and on blogs I frequently have a character make a comment on pretty much the first thing I say. So far, it's only been Lola. On my userpage when it ends I have a character in the WB Shield with what the characters saying in the caption. I do change the pics sometimes to keep my page fresh and updated. Anyways, I've halloweenified my page!!! See if you can notice the differences! Anyways, Happy Halloween!

Note: The Halloween Changes will end shortly after Halloween and my userpage will be reverted back it's original form probably somehwere in early November.

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