I have some questions concerning Wile and Road Runner in this new show. The CGI shorts are to be canceled for Season 2 so does this mean they will appear more in the show in their 2D format? If this is so I want to know what them Road Runner will look like since he has not appeared in the actual show yet. Will his tail be light blue like in the CGI shorts or will be tail be plum like in some pictures when he's in his 2D self? What do I mean? Well, take a look at these photos:

Road Runner (Bubble Trouble) (3)

Here's the Road Runner from one of the CGI shorts. Notice how his tail is light blue.

LT icons RoadRunner 96x96

Now look here. This is a picture of Road in his 2D format. Hasn't actually appeared in the show yet. Notice how his tail is a plumish color here.

Bugs, Daffy, and Road

An ad on the Cartoon Network website. Road has a plum tail here and is in 2D. If you click on it it leads you to the classics so I don't really get why the new designs are on them.


The Original Concept of the characters. Road has a plum tail here too.


In the intro all the characters appear like this. Road has his regular blue tail here.

Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote The Looney Tunes Show

Here Road has a plum tail too!

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