Hi guys! First of all, I'd like to say Happy New Year! It's also the year of the chicken (Don't mention it to Daffy) now, and I've started a New Years resolution that I'm hoping to continue. I'm going to try to create 1,000 infoicons by the end of the year. Infoicons are little picture-like templates that you can see on a user's profile page, like BugsFan or TinaHater. I found out how to make them last night, and I've made 11 so far. Here are some that I've made:

Pizzarriba (6) This user hates pizza!
CarolLTS This user is beautiful!
He dates my lovely daughter Lola This user cannot stop talking

If you do not know how to make an infoicon here is what you do. First, copy the PatriciaFan template. Next, if you want to do an infoicon about, say, a user that is a fan carrots, you would create a page that is titled, "User:Tyler Crusher/CarrotFan". Then, it will ask you which template you wish to make, and you should obviously click the infoicon option. Then, paste the information from the PatriciaFan template. From there, it will be easy to change it so that the image is a picture of carrots (Which you can find in the gallery of several episodes) and change the text. After that, to get the infoicon on your userpage, you would add {{User:Tyler Crusher/CarrotFan}} and then it would be on your userpage! :)

Also, I need some ideas for templates, so feel free request some infoicons, or create some from the information above. Happy New Year (Again) and have a great day! 

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