So, I just heard today that The Looney Tunes Show wasn't getting renewed for a Season 3. That really sucks as I loved this show so much. Anyways, so what happens to the all the classic characters that appeared in the intro? I personally think it would be pretty stupid to put a character in the intro for the show and never have them appear in the series. I mean, they were redesigned for nothing then. Anyways, my biggest concern is Petunia Pig. We've known about her presence in the show since Season 1. In fact, she's still in her Seasn 1 design yet never appeared in Season 1. Will she appear in Season 2? I believe somebody's already confirmed that she won't be in Season 2, but that would be a real bummer as she already has a official redesign and has appeared in many merchandise for The Looney Tunes Show. I mean it would be pretty stupid to make her seem like a recurring character in the merchandise if she never appears in the series herself. Could somebody please comment on this willing to explain or share more information about Season 2?

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