" You know, if you'd rather put your poster here, I'll be glad to move mine. Oh hi, Mr. Duck! It's nice to see you again!"
Gossamer is Awesomer

Winnie Yang is an intelligent middle schooler, who attended piano lessons with Granny in The Grand Old Duck of York.


Winnie first appeared in The Grand Old Duck of York, where she played "The Grand Old Duke of York", earning a gold star. The next few times she departed from Granny's house, she glared at Daffy, while he was arriving for his lesson. She also played for Pizzariba, past her bedtime. In Gossamer is Awesomer, she was one of the three candidates for Class President at her school. Daffy, still mad from their previous feud, helped Gossamer try to win class president, since she was a “coniving little weasel”, even though Winnie is shown to be cordial and friendly to him. Neither Winnie nor Gossamer wins the election, but she is shown to be a good sport, ignoring Daffy’s insults.